Course program for English speaking skaters

Dear aspiring Inline Skaters,

all our courses can be given in English.

Simply book any of the public courses you like. The German course names and their English translations are listed below. While registering, at one point you will be shown a “Textfeld” (text prompt) where you can add comments. Please write that you would like the course to be given in English.

Most of what we teach is being shown and demonstrated, so watching your instructor is crucial. Explanations will be given in German for the other participants first and then repeated in English to you.

If you wish to have a closed course given for you exclusively - at a time, date and with course contents to be specified by you, please feel free to inquire us about an Individuelles Gruppentraining (Individual group course) or a Personal Training.

The respective course names are:

  • Grundkurs für Anfänger (basic course for beginners), 2 x 1,5 hours duration, for ages 7 to 70. No skills required other than standing on one leg. We will teach you how to handle traffic, difficult undergrounds, obstacles. You will be taught how to safely fall, do a simple A-Turn and how to brake using your breaking pad.

  • Grundkurs (basic course). 2 hours en bloc, same content as the course above, but given in a condensed form. Only recommended if you can already skate but want to improve your breaking. Not recommended for absolute beginners.

  • Kurvenfahren (effective turning – how to), 2 hours en bloc, A-Turn, “canadian”, accelerating in curves.

  • Bremsen ohne Stopper (braking without a braking pad), 2 x 1,5 hours duration, T-Stop, snow plough stop, skating backwards, changing direction through jumping, basic tricks for agility on skates.

  • Bremsen am Berg (braking downhill – safety course), 2 hours en bloc, basically the same as the Grundkurs, but focused on the added dangers of going downhill – and how to cope with them.

  • Spielend skaten lernen (learning Inline Skating playfully), Kids only course for children of the age of 5-8 years. This course is geared towards small children and will only last one hour per date to match their their stamina and ability to stay focused.

  • Course fees always cover the whole course, even if the course consists of several dates. The fee is only due once per participant. You can borrow inline skates for an additional fee of 5€ per course. Protective gear and helmets can be borrowed free of charge. You may use your cycling helmet.

We hope to see you soon!

Your Inline Dresden Team



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